[NTR Plugin] Story of Seasons EUR



  • Nintendo 2DS/3DS
  • Story of Season EUR
  • NTR CFW 3.2+
  • cheat.plg.zip

Unpack the archive contents and copy the file cheat.plg in the folder


Launch NTR CFW and then Story of Seasons. Once loaded the save press X + Y buttons to open the menu and then go to Game Plugins. Enable the cheats you want and press B to exit from the menu.

Available Cheats:

  • Infinite Money
  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Block clock to 06:00
  • Block clock to 12:00
  • Block clock to 18:00
  • Full Watering can

Please do not mirror my cheat.plg … if you want you can link to this page. Thanks


About the author

  • anon

    thank you
    are you planning to do any other games?

    • Alex193a

      Maybe I’ll do a plugin for “Story Of Seasons: Good Friends of Three Villages”

      • Pervert-kun


  • Normal

    Hi I have a question, I have your sosse version as well .. is it possible at all to change names (animal’s, character’s/character’s child? I’m using an emulator right now but the keyboard doesn’t show up, so I end up with one name for everything I can name in this game..
    Patiently waiting for response
    Thank you so much for forking it over to Eur